Breeze Kuching Launch Party

10名Blogger受邀出席 Breeze Kuching Launch Party,而我是最迟到达的一名,所以有许多精彩的画面我都错过了,有点可惜,不然的话,我的眼睛就可以吃冰淇淋了。

忘了说是在 Merdeka Palace 的 Victoria Arms。9点半的时候,是公开给公众的,所以整个场合都聚集了许多的 Clubbing 脚,当然也可以看到一些精彩的表演。

几个月没见到的 Hiaw Na,很 Sexy 哦。。(流口水当中,哈哈。)

Yoyo, Let’s Party…

It’s been so long,
that I haven’t seen your face,
I’m trying to be strong,
but the strength I have is washing away.
it won’t be long,
before I get you by my side,
and just hold you, tease you, squeeze you, tell you what’s been on my mind….

第一次见到 Mike,原来他。。。很像某某人。。。再来就是。。。很久不见的 Naomi


11点左右我就告辞了,因为。。很累。。很闷。。突然觉得我不适合在这么热闹的地方 Happy 了,可能真的老了。。。

我跟 Anna 的合照。。。

Anna VS Eve VS Jimmy,自拍ING。。。

Sharon VS Lydia,跳舞ING。。。


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  1. I went there to see fashion show but when I reached, it’s over. I thought you had taken photos of the fashion show.
    Haiz, you reached late too~

    I was bored too, cuz I never went clubbing. I jz wanna see fashion show….

  2. hapie angel, hehe.. near 27 lo..

    Potato, sigh.. when i reached.. fashion show over too. but those bloggers took alot of pics.. tat night i want talking with u.. but dunno where u sit. =.=”

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh! Why got my pic?! SHY!!!!!!!!

    I wanna talk to u too but music too loud, i cant hear u u cant hear me then i walked away. Sorry~

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